zzClock Screensaver

Author: Javier Lechuga
Date: 08/03/2019 02:25 PM
Size: 7.90 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
Downloads: 2711 times

zzClock Screensaver is all about time. You now can have a useful screensaver to grace your monitor with the current time.

There are so many different types of screensavers to choose from, but for some users, they may be a bit much. This particular screensaver from our friend Javier Lechuga will give you a mildly customizable clock as your screensaver.

zzClock Screensaver comes in a zip file as a .scr, which is typical of most screensavers. To use it, right-click on zzClock.scr after extracting from the zip file and select “Install” or “Test” to preview it before installing. Also from there, the screensaver settings can be configured, which includes different fonts, font size, colors, automatic sizing, 24-hour format, seconds display, month, and day of the week. You can also place an underline or a strikethrough for the time display. A straightforward but useful screensaver to adorn your screen with the time.

zzClock Screensaver download

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