ZHPLite 2020.3.4.182

Author: Nicolas Coolman
Date: 03/04/2020 08:28 AM
Size: 1.49 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 32814 times

ZHPLite is a companion app to ZHPDiag, it was designed to provide a diagnostic analysis of reports generated by ZHPDiag.

For scanning and live protection consider downloading Malwarebytes.

It will provide you with a comprehensive listing of all malware, etc., that were found (if any) when you performed the scan with ZHPDiag. The data analysis is fast because some lines are already processed in ZHPDiag. Upon completion of the analysis, ZHPLite will display a ranking that includes the number of found issues in each category allowing you to concentrate your efforts for removal of the offenders.

ZHPLite is capable of generating automatic cleanup scripts that can be used in concert with your other third-party antivirus solutions. You can go further, however, by taking advantage of the option provided in the help section that will instruct you on how to manipulate ZHPLite’s functions specifically to address your problem.

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