Zboot Manager 2.13

Author: Jingcheng Zhuang
Date: 07/18/2004 02:28 PM
Size: 49 KB
License: Shareware $19.95
Requires: Win All
Downloads: 22769 times

zBoot Manager is an effective boot manager and partition manager, which allows you to easily install and use multiple operating systems on a single hard drive. It supports most types of systems such as DOS, 32-bit Windows and Linux, and you won’t have to reinstall the system you’re using right now. You’ll be able to install up to 8 operating systems. It eliminates the need for FDISK and directly setup 32 primary partitions with the built-in utility. Once set-up, the program displays a menu whenever you boot up, you simply select an operating system to run it on your computer. For security, selected systems may be password protected.

Zboot Manager 2.13 download

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