Xlideit Image Viewer 1.0.200402

Author: Xlideit
Date: 04/02/2020 06:42 AM
Size: 943 KB
License: Open Source
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 54232 times

Xlideit Image Viewer is a lightweight image viewer that provides you with basic image processing capabilities.

A thumbnail bar is shown at the bottom of the window with all the images in the folder. The name of the current image and the toolbar are shown at the top of the window. Use the toolbar to access basic commands like image slideshow, adjust zoom, rotate, delete, crop or resize the image, sort the list, or access the program settings. Move the mouse pointer near the left or right side of the window to show the arrows and select the next or previous image. Move the mouse over the buttons to see a short description or over the thumbnails to see more information.

By default, the viewer starts in full-screen mode, but it can be switched to windowed mode by pressing F11. Also, you can press Enter to hide or show the toolbars, Space to start the slideshow, or Escape to exit the program. To use this program as the default viewer for any image file, right-click on the file and use the “Open with” option in the context menu.

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