Wise Driver Care 2.3.301.1010

Author: Wise Care
Date: 03/07/2018 08:00 AM
Size: 7.65 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 23397 times

Wise Driver Care can update and backup your drivers as well as identify your hardware and repair some common driver related issues. Video walkthrough available.

On startup, Wise Driver Care will present you with a simple Checkup button. Clicking Checkup will quickly scan your computer and give you a report including up to date drivers, out of date drivers, and driver residue that can be deleted. Drivers that are updated will appear individually with the options of Backup, restore, uninstall, ignore, force install, open folder, and delete the file. Cleaning the driver residue will clean without prompt or telling you what it’s deleting, but we found no problems with it.

You can also go to the Rescue Center at any time and backup or restore and drivers that were installed by Wise Driver Care.

Wise Driver Care 2.3.301.1010 download

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