WinDVD Tweaker Pro 4.49

Author: Mark Kennedy
Date: 06/08/2004 08:21 PM
Size: 271 KB
License: Shareware $18
Requires: Win NT/2K/XP/2003
Downloads: 89026 times

WinDVD Tweaker is designed to allow users of the WinDVD playback software to enable some hidden settings and allow for maximum playback pleasure.

Here is what you get in the Pro version that is not available in the standard version:

  • Ability to save settings that previously needed to be set each time WinDVD 4 loaded (Eg: Filtering Mode)
  • File preset saving and loading. (Save special configurations for different movies)
  • Automatic Region Detection and setting on DVD insert.
  • Accurate Aspect Ratio Control (Window Size and position)
  • Aspect Ratio preset saving and loading.
  • Blanking support (Custom and Automatic)
  • Custom Blanking Preset saving and loading
  • Ability to control amount control WinDVD has over dynamic audio ranges (Increasing Quality)
  • Disc Manager for managing your movies and associating them with standard aspect ratio and blanking presets if desired.
  • Media Filter control, registering and unregistering of individual filters (WinDVD filters and any other valid filter files)
  • Wizards (Audio and Video) for intelligent setup of important settings
  • And more…


WinDVD Tweaker Pro 4.49 download

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