Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker 4.0

Author: Yasser Da Silva
Date: 02/16/2017 10:36 PM
Size: 43 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10
Downloads: 18198 times

Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker is an open source batch file to tweak Windows 10. It has a registry backup and restore feature for most actions. Video tutorial available.

Because it is a batch file, Windows will attempt to stop access. This is normal.

It’s hard to put Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker into a category. At first, it appears to work like so many of the Windows 10 privacy apps, but it does warn you that disabling telemetry is a waste of time.

So, is it an all-in-one tweaker? That’s a closer fit. It has a lot of tweaks not found in other applications, and its strong point is the claim to be able to disable and reenable Windows 10 apps that normally can’t be recovered including Cortana, Windows DVD Player, Classic Paint, Calculator and more. If you’re looking to remove Cortana, but think you may want it back later, then Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker might be a better fit than those Windows 10 privacy apps.

Here are some of the features of Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker:

  • Windows / Office KMS activation
  • User Interface Tweaks + Context Menu Tweaks
  • Enable/Disable stuff In Windows 10
  • Manage Microsoft Edge browser
  • Manage Updates
  • Manage OneDrive
  • Manage Windows Features
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Manage Windows apps (Remove & Restore) Updated to 15007
  • Internet Tweaks and Fixes
  • Completely uninstall Cortana
  • Completely uninstall Edge + the ability to restore it

    Version History for Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker:
    This is a completely new version of Toggle Tweaker rewritten from scratch, so a lot of things have changed:
    # The script Now can accept Mouse clicks as Input method (You can change it from the Settings)
    # Almost all old options still exists, and some are improved
    # App removal section: Added New apps 3D Paint-3D View ~ Multi operations in one command ~ Apps Current Status
    # ‘Undo All’ is removed because of the difficulty of tracking every single change made with the tweaker and added instead options to create a Restore Point and to backup the Registry
    # A lot of options will show you the current status (Enabled/Disabled) instead of just applying It
    # Uninstalling Onedrive Will remove its packages from Windows
    # Uninstalling Internet Explorer 11 is added to Windows apps menu with the ability to restore it
    # Uninstalling Edge / Cortana Works with a new script now to avoid previous problems
    # ‘PC Performance’ Menu is completely changed because the old one worked only for SSD Users
    # Added the option to restore ‘Old MSConfig’ and ‘Classic Paint’ for Build 14986


Windows 10 Toggle Tweaker 4.0 download

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