Vivaldi 2.11.1811.49

Author: Vivaldi Technologies
Date: 03/20/2020 11:41 AM
Size: 59.0 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7
Downloads: 218239 times

Vivaldi is a free web browser from the founders of the original Opera Web Browser in 1994.

It has an interface similar to Google Chrome. By default, you have forward, back, refresh and home keys next to the address bar. New tabs open with the simple + tab and close with the X tab. It has a little sidebar that has quick links to bookmarks, mail (not available yet), downloads, contacts, and notes. Towards the bottom left, just above the status bar, there is the options gear icon which would make more sense if brought up to the top right or even the sidebar where people would look for it first.

You can look at the bottom, and you will find the option to show or hide images as well as show only cached images to speed up browsing. On a web page, you’re having difficulty reading? Just slide the bar to zoom in or out and reset. Between those two features, you can go nuts changing how a page renders 15 different ways from filters, including grayscale and intensify, to 3D to fonts. This is great for anyone having difficulty reading a web page or just to have a little fun.

Vivaldi enters a crowded and vocal browser market. People tend to love what they love for a long time. The name Vivaldi does not exactly roll off the tongue, but so far they got an excellent thing going here. We had some difficulty rendering pages in 3D and a few other very minor annoyances but you want to keep in mind that this is still in its early stages so let the developers know your thoughts. So far it’s done a lot of downloads and is well received on MajorGeeks. Who knows, it could be the next big thing?

Vivaldi 2.11.1811.49 download

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