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Author: Toolwiz
Date: 03/11/2018 07:17 PM
Size: Size Varies
License: Freeware
Requires: Android
Downloads: 4230 times

ToolWiz Photos for Android is an all-in-one solution for organizing, compressing, and hiding all your stored photos.

Now you can easily add tags to photos, making it easier for searching. All the photos listed in the gallery – sorted based on the date/size/location/tags/folders of the photos. It’s easy to copy and move photos from one album to another.

ToolWiz Photos for Android’s Private Album allows you to lock your sensitive photos with password – giving you freedom to control over who sees what. You can also set up a fake password in order to fool anyone into entering a fake Private Gallery. This is a nice little trick to deal with the event you have to open up your Privacy Gallery.

ToolWiz Photos for Android Features:

Public Album

  • Sort photos based on date, Size, location, tag, and album.
  • Touch and hold a single photo to compress or edit, or move, or hide, or delete, or directly share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest or other social platforms.
  • It combines multiple photos to make amazing collages and makes you a popular photo editor.

    Private Album

  • All the hidden photos will be stored in here.
  • Add new album folder and customize folder name.
  • Use password to protect your Private Album, convenient to switch between.
  • Take photos of the intruders who failed to log in up to three times.
  • The tricky fake gallery protects you from snoopers.

    Photo Duplicates

  • Automatically search all the duplicate photos and list on your device.
  • Single-tap to select all, double tap to select the copies you want to delete, tap ONE-TAP TO DELETE to remove them all at once.

    Photo Compressor

  • Select the photos you want to reduce the size of – single or all.
  • Tap ONE TAP TO COMPRESS, it will easily and automatically compress the photos in seconds.

    Password and Security

  • Set up a security question and answer on your account for future forgotten password resets.
  • Set up a password or pattern lock to protect your Private Album. You can change it anytime in Settings.
  • Set up a fake password to create an access to a fake gallery.


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