Sleipnir 6.4.4

Author: Fenrir Inc.
Date: 02/18/2020 08:22 AM
Size: 85.0 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Android
Downloads: 60360 times

Sleipnir is a web browser designed to display everything better and faster with a focus on tabbed browsing and customization.

Pages can be switched between by just dragging with the right button. Moving between pages feels smooth and natural, as if you are directly moving them with your fingers.

Necessary functions can be used without taking up unnecessary space, making it is possible to focus on what you want to look at when using full-screen mode.

Sleipnir tabs can be closed one after another in an instance by flicking down the thumbnails. Sleipnir starts in an instant, even when opening hundreds of tabs. There is also no waiting time when opening a mass of bookmarks at one time.

Sleipnir makes it possible to perform many different functions by moving the mouse while holding down the right-click button, known as mouse gestures.

Sleipnir 6.4.4 download

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