SecureMyBit 2.3

Author: JM Security
Date: 01/24/2018 09:34 PM
Size: 1.84 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 1085 times

SecureMyBit is a portable app that allows you to simultaneously encrypt multiple files/folders, generate/evaluate passwords, shred data and more.

It is displayed within a very straightforward UI and provides quick access to the included password generator/validator, file shredder, file info viewer, system specs and a text compressor all of which are located on the left-hand side. For the text encryption and decryption, you can simply drag n’ drop your file(s) in and choose a password (keep it in a safe place so as not to forget it). It places a log file with the encryption status on your desktop for confirmation of successful encryption. One particular tool of interest is the file shredder; it includes dual wiping modes. You can select the quick mode for fast one pass shredding – least secure, and then advanced, this one allows you choose the number of passes for more secure shredding of your files or entire folders.

SecureMyBit also provides a virtual keyboard for those that are truly security-conscious or if you suspect you have a keylogger present. The app worked well, and there was no lag during our testing process. When not in use it can be minimized to the systray for quick deployment. This download is in .rar format and will require a program like WinRAR or similar to open.

SecureMyBit 2.3 download

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