Protect Me!

Date: 06/21/2011 09:27 PM
Size: 774 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win7/Vista/XP
Downloads: 15635 times

Protect Me! creates secure executable (.exe) container files to which you can add any files and directories you want to! Your files will be stored securely inside the container file. To ensure a maximum of security, Protect Me! uses SHA1 for password validation and AES for encryption. The container file can either run or extract your files once you typed in the right password.


  • Easily password-protect any file you want!
  • You get one .exe file which contains the encrypted file(s).
  • The result will be just a few KB bigger than the encrypted files themselves!
  • Your data is really secure!
  • SHA1 for password validation.
  • AES (Rijndael) for your data.
  • The container file is compiled at runtime!


    New Feature: Checks for the existence of .NET Framework 3.5 to avoid errors
    New Feature: Checks for updates at the beginning
    New Feature: Progressbar now shows progress of Drag&Drop operations
    New Feature: Added setting “Check for updates at start”, which can be saved now!
    New Feature: Temporary files will even be removed after cancelling container creation
    New Feature: Option to manually set a cache directory (to avoid out-of-space issues)
    New Feature: Shows free RAM, free cache and container limit now
    Improvement: Drag&Drop is now multithreaded (GUI will not hang anymore)
    Improvement: Performance when adding multiple files via Drag&Drop has been extremely increased (1200 files in less than 1 second now)
    Improvement: The container’s content is limited to 800MB (838860800 Bytes) to avoid .NET assembly problems (compiler limits)
    Improvement: The added files’ size may not extend the amount of available RAM (to avoid out-of-RAM errors)
    Improvement: Only compiler errors, not warnings are shown
    Improvement: Checks if there’s enough space available in the destination directory
    Improvement: Checks if there’s enough space available in the TEMP directory
    Improvement: Added default filename for containers (SecureContainer.exe)
    Improvement: Always checks if application has write access to avoid errors
    Improvement: Container offers to choose another directory for caching if the default cache directory it out of space and you execute a file
    GUI: Updated status label “Homepage”
    Bugfix: Fixed several smaller issues
    Bugfix: Some file paths could cause an error when adding files
    Bugfix: Can be closed while creating a container now
    Bugfix: The secure container now really supports Drag&Drop for file extraction
    Bugfix: Adding directories is now completely supported, one directory was always skipped
    Bugfix: Main app can overwrite files now (if destination file already exists)
    Project: Changed name from “Protect Me! 2010” to “Protect Me!”
    Project: Version change to to symbolize that there are many changes
    Project: Has its own installer now which also supports uninstall
    Security: The plaintext password is now internally hashed with salt (150 times) to enhance security
    Security: Internal file index is also encrypted to maximize security

    Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5 (or higher versions)

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