Optimizer 4.9

Author: Hellzerg
Date: 11/07/2019 12:28 PM
Size: 1.15 MB
License: Open Source
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7
Downloads: 16461 times

Optimizer is a portable app with a drive cleaner, system tweaks, startup manager, HOST editor and more to protect your privacy and increase security.

Optimizer is laid out with a series of tabs. These include Universal, Windows 10, Startup, Registry, Hosts, and Options. You will find (where there are no checkboxes) purple boxes with white text that turns into a black text if applied. Overall, we didn’t think we’d go for purple, but it works. Check under the options tab, and you will find your choice of 6 colors. In our screenshots, you will see we changed the colors repeatedly during testing.

Universal tweaks include performance tweaks block Skype ads, disable error reporting, disable Defender, and more.

Windows 10 goes above and beyond the standard tweaks. While you can remove OneDrive, Game Bar, Cortana, Xbox, and more, it also has numerous privacy options and some tweaks not found in similar programs.

PC Cleaner is there to remove junk files. However, there’s not a lot of detail given and no summary causing us to hesitate using it.

The Startup tab shows all running program at startup which you can remove all, find in the registry, locate a file and of course, remove.

Hosts is a simple way to view, edit and quickly add anything you want to your Hosts file and is an excellent addition to an app like this.

Finally, Integrator is another relatively unique feature that allows you to add custom items to the right-click context menu. It also includes a handful of ready-made items. One click adds and removes custom entries. The last screenshot shows how it looked when we added the Power Menu preset. Neat.

Optimizer is designed to be used after a clean install and covers all the known annoyances. Don’t let that stop you, however. It has many unique features many tweaking tools don’t and in some cases does it better.

Optimizer 4.9 download

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