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Author: NVIDIA Corporation
Date: 11/06/2007 11:55 AM
Size: 41.2 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 2K/03/XP/Vista
Downloads: 35712 times

NVIDIA® nTune is the ultimate utility for accessing, monitoring, and adjusting your system components, including temperature and voltages with clear, user-friendly control panels. Overclock your system for highest performance or underclock it for near silent operation. All changes are performed within the Microsoft® Windows® interface – enabling full functionality without the need to make changes in the BIOS and reboot your system.

This release supports the following products: nForce 220, nForce 220D, nForce 415 and nForce 420D; nForce2 and nForce2 400; nForce2 Ultra and nForce2 Ultra 400; nForce2 400R and nForce2 Ultra 400Gb; nForce3 150 and nForce3 PRO 150; nForce3 250, nForce3 250Gb and nForce3 PRO 250; nForce4 Pro 2200, nForce4 Ultra, and nForce4 SLI; nForce 590 SLI, nForce 570 SLI, nForce 570 Ultra, nForce 550, nForce 680a SLI, nForce 680i SLI, nForce 650i SLI, nForce 650i Ultra.

Editors Note: You may also want to view or print the NVIDIA nTune Generation 5.0 User’s Guide (v2.0) in PDF format.

NVIDIA nTune download


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