NetSpot for Windows and Android 2.12.716.0 / 1.1.21

Author: Etwok LLC
Date: 02/25/2020 11:37 AM
Size: 268 KB
License: Freemium
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / Android
Downloads: 52534 times

NetSpot for Windows allows you to boost the quality and speed of your home or office Wi-Fi network by helping to identify weak coverage areas, signal leaks and more.

It is a professional quality software designed for your home and office Wi-Fi management, analysis, and visualization – all you need just a few clicks to start your wireless network site survey. You will just need to point to where you are on the map and watch NetSpot WiFi booster go to work. What happens is NetSpot for Windows maps out your coverage area and then displays real-life signal propagation heat maps to locate any Wi-Fi issues.

NetSpot for Windows will assist with troubleshooting slow Wi-Fi speeds and then provide the data necessary to make a change to signal quality, speed, and agility rather than just guessing and hoping for the best. You can also use it with your laptop allowing any 802.11 Wi-Fi networks to be surveyed and visualized as well as any Wi-Fi adapters.

NetSpot for Windows features a Wi-Fi Discover mode, highly configurable passive Wi-Fi surveys, smart AP detection, and positioning, signal level visualization, unlimited data points per heatmap, any number of SSIDs visualized, and a single snapshot and zone per project.

Hidden networks are not supported, but more features will be added as time goes on.

Version History for NetSpot for Windows and Android:

  • Fixed: Changes in API response settings for a more precise data collection.

    Prices start at $49.00 and provide:


  • Single user, personal use only
  • 2 zones, 2 snapshots
  • 50 data points per zone
  • 3 major visualizations
  • No extra licenses

    Pro ($149.00):

  • 50 zones, 50 snapshots
  • 500 data points per zone
  • 12+ visualizations
  • 1 free technician license


NetSpot for Windows and Android 2.12.716.0 / 1.1.21 download

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