Mimage 1.0.0

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Author: Michael Weiner
Date: 02/11/2018 09:26 PM
Size: 4.31 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
Downloads: 1119 times

Mimage is a portable app that allows you to hide up to two files in an image.

Using Mimage is pretty simple, to hide a file, you select a source image and file(s) to be hidden. It will then create a new image file or steg image like the source image, with the files you selected embedded. To extract your files, you will choose the image with the hidden files as well as the target directory for extraction. From there the files can then be extracted. Both the hide and unhide process is performed from the same window.

Mimage does include the ability to select a password to encrypt the files with AES-256, but this is only available after registering the product. Along with the password option, registered users can also hide an unlimited number of files in an image.

To hide files:
-Source image. Select an image to use to hide files.
-Files. Select files to hide.
-Password. Select a password for encrypting the files.
-Steg image. Select an output image file name for hidden files. The file will be created if it does not exist. It will have the same image as the source image. The steg image file’s extension (“.jpg” or “.png”) must match the source image file’s extension.
-Select “Hide” from the main menu. This will hide the files inside the steg image. The full path to the steg image will then be copied to the Windows clipboard.

To extract files:
-Password. Provide the password to extract the files.
-Steg image. Select the image with hidden files.
-Extract to. Specify a target folder for extracting files from the steg image.
-Select “Extract” from the main menu. This will extract the files from the steg image to the target folder. Existing files will not be overwritten.
-NOTE: if the wrong password is provided, the file will be incorrectly extracted, but no error message will appear. Please check file integrity after extraction!

Mimage 1.0.0 download

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