JPEG Recovery LAB 1.95

Author: Joep van Steen
Date: 04/13/2018 07:57 AM
Size: 917 KB
License: Shareware $199.95
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7
Downloads: 957 times

JPEG Recovery LAB is a photo/video recovery tool for memory cards specializing in fragmented files.

There are many products out there that perform the same type of recovery procedures, some are free, some are shareware, but JPEG Recovery LAB addresses the common issue of fragmented files that most others do not. Classic file recovery and undelete software are unable to get those files due to the nature of the file system used on memory cards (typically FAT32 or exFAT). They can retrieve the file name, Start clusters, and size, But not the accurate list of clusters. Therefore they have to assume the file to be contiguous. Typically, the majority of photo recovery software utilizes header/footer carving, which already carries the assumption that files are contiguous. They simply detect a file start and save all data directly after that to a new file until the end of file marker is reached (or at the start of a new file). Both types of software will typically produce corrupt files when recovering fragmented files.

JPEG Recovery LAB is designed specifically for the recovery of fragmented files. It is an advanced file carver capable of recovering fragmented files (photo and video) from memory cards. Currently supported file formats are JPEG, CR2 (Canon RAW), NEF (Nikon RAW) and MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG-2 video.

As this software is very CPU and memory intensive, it requires a beefy PC. More cores are better. Per CPU core 2 GB of RAM is required, with an 8 GB minimum.

No update checks are performed in the evaluation version and copy file is disabled.

JPEG Recovery LAB 1.95 download

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