How to find and delete files from the AppData folder without breaking anything

Deleting or moving files from the AppData folder can lead to unpleasant consequences. How to clean computer memory and not regret it, we will tell you in our article.

You might need to delete or move files in the AppData folder if you need to repair damaged files or free up disk space. However, you should be very careful, as even one wrong step can seriously damage your programs.

How to find the AppData folder on Windows

First view hidden files in Windows. Both the AppData folder itself and some of the documents it contains are hidden from users.

  • Click “Start” and search for “% appdata%” (without quotes).
  • This will give you the Roaming folder. Open it.
  • Now you can navigate the AppData folder and its substructures.

Is it possible to delete files from AppData folder

Windows hides AppData for a reason: it is in this folder, among other things, that important program files are located. Therefore, special care must be taken when working with it. If you accidentally delete the wrong file, it can crash one program or even your entire system.

In order not to be mistaken, it is best to leave intact any folders related to Windows or Microsoft. Also, do not delete or modify files from processor and video card manufacturers such as NVIDIA, Intel, or AMD. Basically, these are the files of the video cards, which ensure that the system components, as well as all programs, are displayed correctly.

Before making any major changes, back up your system. This way, you protect yourself from complete data loss if something goes wrong.

Safe Alternative: Automatically Empty AppData Folder

If you just want to free up disk space, it’s best to leave this task to Windows or specially designed programs. Microsoft’s system has a built-in function for this: you can find and delete unnecessary system files using Disk Cleanup. 

In addition, there are programs to optimize the system, for example, CCleaner also quickly removes unnecessary files.

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