How to export passwords and bookmarks from Firefox browser

Any browser can save passwords for sites in a local database, if you want. We’ll show you how to secure your data and access account data using the Firefox browser as an example. We will also show you how to copy all browser data at once and transfer it to another PC.

How to export passwords from Firefox

Firefox can save usernames and passwords for web pages, which helps to offload our memory and save us from having to re-enter the password every time. To open the list of saved passwords:

  • Open the menu “Tools” – “Options”.
  • Go to the “Privacy and Security” section and scroll to the “Logins and Password” item.
  • Click on the “Saved Logins” button.
  • This will open a list of all the accounts that you signed in to through the Firefox browser. For each, you can view the password by clicking on the eye icon opposite the password field.

You can use the free PasswordFox tool to back up or export passwords from your browser.

  • Download the latest version of PasswordFox and unzip the archive anywhere on your hard drive.
  • Run the file passwordfox.exe. The tool does not require installation.
  • The program will show you in a table all the passwords found in your Firefox profile. If no data is displayed, you must specify the path to the profile folder using the Select Folders function.
  • Now you have the ability to save tagged passwords as various file formats, such as a text or HTML file, or even a CSV file for the KeePass password manager.

How to copy all browser data

Another solution is to back up your entire Firefox profile, as it also contains all your saved passwords. The browser stores passwords and bookmarks in a separate folder called Profiles on your hard drive. You can usually find it by going to “C: \ Users \ <user name> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Mozilla \ Firefox” .

  • Copy the Profiles folder and the data it contains to a safe place.
  • If you want to restore your profile along with your saved passwords, you just need to copy the Profiles folder to the Firefox section (at the address above) on your new computer.

If you use passwords on various sites, then try to make sure that strangers cannot easily guess them. How to create a really complex and memorable password, we told you in this article .

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