How to Enable Quieter Notifications in Google Chrome: How To

The new “quieter notifications” feature will be available to users with the release of Chrome 80, but it can already be activated in the current 79th version, outfit with other interesting modes.

One of the biggest changes coming to users with the next stable version of Google Chrome is called “quieter notifications.” This is Google’s new proprietary way of dealing with website pop-ups that users encounter every day while browsing the web. Since these notifications are often intrusive and are abused by sites, Google has decided to equip its browser with a new user interface that the company promises will implement a practical anti-notification feature.

Now, instead of viewing notifications when loading a site page, Google Chrome will group those messages that are considered intrusive. To do this, a separate bell icon will be available in the address bar in the new user interface. By clicking on it, you can view blocked notifications.

Google notes that as soon as this feature is available in a new release, users will be able to enable it manually, or it will be automatically activated if the notification is blocked frequently on pages that abuse the notification system.

The new user interface will be available in Chrome 80, but you can already enable it yourself in the latest build of Chrome Canary 79. But for this you must first activate the so-called. an experimental flag that Google specifically added in the latest Chrome build. To access it, launch your browser and enter the following code in the address bar:


Now use the search box at the top to find the following flag:

Quieter notification permission prompts

You can also get to this function in an easier way, simply by typing the following command in the address bar of your browser:


As you will notice, the flag has five different values, namely Default, Enabled, Enabled (with a fixed icon), Enabled (with an animated icon), and Disabled. You need to select “Enabled” and restart your browser to activate the new user interface.

As we noted above, the silent notification feature is still available in experimental mode, but when it appears, you can see the new options along the following path:

Settings> Site Settings> Notifications> Use Quieter Notifications

As soon as Google activates it for all users, a help dialog will appear in the new interface, which will describe how everything works, as well as a more detailed overview of the options will be available.

The next stable version of the Chrome 80 browser is expected in February and it will be in it that the “quieter notifications” mode will already be available. The new feature will also be included in the mobile browser update. In addition, other Chromium-based browsers, including Microsoft Edge, will receive the same functionality in future releases. As a reminder, the stable version of Microsoft Edge is due out on January 15th, but the “quieter notifications” mode is likely to appear in the next build.

Google also notes that it is working on additional protection for users from notifications that are used on sites for malicious purposes, including the distribution of malware. However, more information on this subject will be provided later this year, and these controls will not be part of Chrome 80.

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