How to add programs to Windows 10 startup

If you want certain programs to start automatically when Windows starts, you can add them to your startup folder. We show you how to do it.

When programs are in the startup list, they start automatically when the operating system starts. This gives you faster access to all of their functions.

Windows 10: add programs to startup

  • Press the [Windows] and [R] buttons at the same time to open the Hello Run window.
  • Enter “shell: startup” (without quotes) and confirm the entry with “OK” or by clicking on [Enter]. This will open the startup folder.
  • Paste in here all programs and files that you want to automatically start with Windows.
  • In the “C: \ Program Files” folder (by default), you will find the installed programs as well as their associated EXE files to run. Insert only shortcuts of files into the startup folder, not copies of them. To do this, right-click on the EXE file of the program and in the “Send” section select “Desktop (create shortcut)”. Then move the shortcuts from the desktop to your startup folder.
  • Then reboot your system to check if the steps were successful.

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