Hidden Disk 4.15

Author: Cyrobo S.R.O.
Date: 03/04/2019 08:58 AM
Size: 2.41 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 10272 times

Hidden Disk allows you to easily create password-protected disks that can be used to store personal or confidential data.

This can be useful when multiple people share the same machine and the fact that it is completely virtual means that it will not take up any of your precious disk space. Set up is extremely easy, once completed up you can hide and unhide with a quick click of the mouse.

Hidden Disk’s password protection is optional and can be easily disabled if you prefer. It also includes a useful fail-safe, in the event your machine shuts down unexpectedly Hidden Disk will automatically close the virtual disk keeping your data secure upon reboot.


Additional hidden disk
-Virtual disk to store your secret files. No need to buy any new hardware!
Password protection
-Create and use your own password to access your secret disk.
Instant and clever runaway
-You can hide secret disk in a second and in case of a power failure it will automatically become invisible

Places additional desktop link to author’s site as well as a nag-screen. The free version includes the above features. $14.95 gets the Premium version which further includes:

Multiple Disks

  • Creates more than one virtual disk and separate storage for each task.
    PIN code
  • Even more protection – use or disable PIN code to access the program.
    Useful additional options
  • Access to many options located throughout the program. Provides maximum convenience and security to users of this app.
    Interface improvements
  • Access to the additional options to customize the look and style of the program.
    Priority Support
  • Get help much faster! Paying customers always have the highest priority on the ticket servicing queue.

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