HDD Scan and Restoration Program 3.0

Author: Salvation HDD Research Center
Date: 03/10/2006 01:59 PM
Size: 1.2 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: DOS
Downloads: 149118 times

Salvation Scan and Restoration Program is developed by Salvation HDD Research Center, the world-famous HDD repair and data recovery research institute which developed numerous professional HDD repair and data recovery software. This program is the only one known professional program which can scan HDD over 136 G directly that need not the support of computer mainboard with high speed. It can utmost afford 2000 G HDD in theory, supports IDE interface only, no SATA or SCSI ones at the present; A breakthrough of this program is that, without depending on BIOS, it can control read and write to the HDD directly, with high-speed, veracity, friendly interface and simple management; there will be an intuitionistic and intact report for the physical defective sectors created after the scanning. The continual defective sectors can be easily skipped; therefore the defective HDD will not get stuck.

There is a “Restorer” in this program which can restore the usual physical defective sectors.

HDD Scan and Restoration Program 3.0 download

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