Halloween Makeup for Android

Author: Fun Photo Apps
Date: 10/01/2017 08:29 PM
Size: Size Varies
License: Ad-Supported
Requires: Android
Downloads: 689 times

Halloween Makeup for Android is a fun little app for adding spooky effects to your photos.

We played around with it on our test Samsung S4 and found that it is quite easy to apply the different effects to images no matter the position of the subject’s head. You can manipulate the layovers to fit perfectly via drag n’ drop. It includes templates for vampire fangs, a skull, zombie eyes, villain masks, a ghost face, many sinister looking mouths, a toothy werewolf and many others.

Halloween Makeup for Android works by simply uploading your photo, or taking one on the fly and then selecting the template or sticker (as the author calls them) you wish to use. From there, you apply it and position it for a perfect fit and build on the effects to create a neat Halloween selfie, share to social media, etc.

You have several editing tools available in Halloween Makeup for Android like customized magic mirror effects, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Blur, Temperature, Shadows/Highlights, Crop, and Focus to perfectly set the mood of your creepy creation. One thing that is always annoying, especially in an app that requires you to touch different points on the screen are the ads – which we understand the author needs to get paid but they are sometimes in the way, so be mindful while using this app.

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