God Mode Installer

Author: RenoGeek
Date: 02/15/2018 09:27 PM
Size: 50.3 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7
Downloads: 5261 times

God Mode Installer is an easy-to-deploy option designed to help you quickly activate God Mode.

It will install the folder required to activate God Mode and provides you with the ability to view all the enhanced control panel items that have become harder and harder to find. Having an app like this eliminates the need for you to have manually go through the process of creating and renaming a new folder to access the features. Not that it is an overly hard process but why not cut out some clicks and have it all done for you?

Once you have approved God Mode Installer from the initial command prompt screen, it quickly creates a new folder in the same location that God Mode Installer is located. From there all that is required is to open that folder which then allows you to enter the God Mode control with all its heavenly glory. This app will be of particular interest and use to advanced users and IT professionals that need to have expanded control and options.

God Mode Installer download

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