GLDirect 5.02

Author: SciTech Software, Inc.
Date: 10/16/2016 10:26 AM
Size: 3.68 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 145423 times

From SciTech:

“The SciTech GLDirect product has been discontinued. If you would like to continue to use the latest 5.0.2 release on your computer, please use the following free registration code to unlock the product:

Name: Free Code
Code: 1C10-0485-A489-E2

Run games and CAD applications based on the OpenGL® API using Microsoft DirectX 6.x or later drivers. SciTech GLDirect is compatible with any graphics card that supports DirectX 6.x and later.

SciTech GLDirect 4.0 features significant performance improvements, and has improved compatibility with applications that require the latest OpenGL extensions. It is based on Mesa 5, which supports the OpenGL 1.4 graphics standard.

The CAD and Game drivers in previous versions of SciTech GLDirect have been replaced with drivers optimized for DirectX 7, DirectX 8, and DirectX 9. The one that works best for you will depend on the capabilities of your graphics driver.

Free serial number: 1C10-0485-A489-E2.

GLDirect 5.02 download

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