Fopnu 1.46

Author: Tixati
Date: 03/01/2020 08:42 AM
Size: 10.3 MB+
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 8358 times

Fopnu is a powerful but lightweight freeware P2P file-sharing system for the sharing of almost any file type and more.

Fopnu is set up to be simple and easy to use that has no .Net or Java dependencies. It is displayed from a customizable and intuitive interface that can be expertly navigated through with ease even for more novice users. It is broken into six primary tabs; network, library, chat, search, transfers, and bandwidth. The network and bandwidth tabs allow you to view and configure a specific connection for your downloads.

Fopnu’s connection is encrypted to ensure that the files you share are secure and includes a decentralized public critical infrastructure. It also leverages a pure UDP protocol that utilizes forward error correction. Also, all shared files are indexed locally, and there is no relaying of other user’s searches. Another excellent point is that Fopnu utilizes a token system for distributing the upload bandwidth fairly among all the users. The actual file transfer is done in a direct manner or re-combining and re-encoding blocks at all nodes.

Fopnu 1.46 download

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