File Kill 1.0

Author: System Functions
Date: 05/08/2017 08:37 PM
Size: 598 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 2487 times

File Kill is a free app to delete files via the context menu securely.

It’s a perfect app for someone who just needs to completely erase a file occasionally. You can simply delete a file or choose from 1, 3, 30, 25, or the “OMG I’m really paranoid” 100 passes. If you use anything less than 35 passes, the user interface will go by very quickly. Longer passes let you watch what it’s doing, as seen in screenshot four below. While waiting, you can pause or send it to the tray.

When completed, it simply closes with no fanfare.

The command-line is also available using the as examples:

/a /files:”path to file” or /a /list:”path to list file”
KillFIle.exe /a /files:”C:file.txt”;”D:file.txt”
KillFile.exe /a /list:”C:filelist.list”
List format

Note that whatever version you download, it wants to update it for some reason. We tested the update and the correct link with the same results.

File Kill isn’t for everyone. You have to that person who just wants to completely wipe a file here and there and not be bothered having to open a program to do so. File Kill is no longer updated and should be considered unsupported.

File Kill 1.0 download

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