FFB – Flush File Buffers 0.9

Author: Uwe Sieber
Date: 04/18/2017 08:36 PM
Size: 26 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 1748 times

FFB – Flush File Buffers is a command line tool that flushes the write cache of one or more storage volumes similar to the Unix sync command or the Sysinternals sync tool.

FFB comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit executables. Since it will run in DOS, it’s important that you right click and choose “Run as Administrator” or you will get an “access denies” error and accomplish nothing.

FFB uses the known FlushFileBuffers function from Microsoft. You can read more about that here

As mentioned, it’s super east to use and only takes seconds, however advanced users can run it using switches as well. The basics of that are: FFB [VolumeSpec1] [VolumeSpec2] … [VolumeSpecN] [-d] [-f]

  • VolumeSpec can be a drive letter, a drive or any kind of mount point
  • -d dismount the volume(s) if possible
  • -f force dismount (open handles become invalid) or force flush of sleeping drives

    Here are some examples. These can also be found in the archive as FFB.txt:

    FFB C
    FFB C D E
    FFB C: D: E:
    FFB C: D: E:
    FFB C:CardReaderSD
    FFB \?Volume{16b5dd59-158f-11e1-b349-00166f0dc865}
    FFB \?Volume{16b5dd59-158f-11e1-b349-00166f0dc865}
    FFB X: -d -f

    FFB – Flush File Buffers is a handy, yet simple to use tool for anyone, but geared more towards the geek.

FFB – Flush File Buffers 0.9 download


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