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Author: Haihaisoft
Date: 02/22/2021
Size: 59.6 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 7331 times

Xvast is a Google Chrome-based web browser with no plugins, HTML5 features, PDF capabilities, and more.

Everything about Xvast will be familiar to Google Chrome users. It is fast, as promised. It promises no ads, but we did see our ads and no settings for it. There are no plugins, and the browser doesn’t try and load a custom start page like so many others do. PDF viewing works fine as well.

The browser also supports DRM protection, which might be one reason for the browser’s existence as it appears they have a product called DRM-X, which isn’t cheap. DRM-X is designed to allow the delivery of DRM-protected media through the browser without using Flash or Silverlight plugins. We didn’t notice any settings for this, so if it works for free within the browser without any nags, that’s OK. Otherwise, that app is a subscription model starting at a ridiculously high price.

There are plenty of Google Chrome-based web browsers, and if you’re looking for speed and stability, Xvast should do it for you. We’d like to see a portable version.

download Xvast

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