download Xiret 2.1.0

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Author: Bitmight Software
Date: 03/07/2021
Size: 5.28 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 30223 times

Xiret is a small benchmarking utility that allows you to obtain your Windows Experience Index score and then save or share the results.

It comes with a simple interface that will be manageable for novices and experienced users alike. Xiret is designed to quickly measure the performance of your machine’s memory, processor, graphics, and hard disk and comprehensively display the score details. Then those results can be saved to a text/image file or easily shared.

Xiret Features:

  • Clean, friendly, and easy to use UI built for novice and expert users alike
  • View and generate Windows Experience Index scores with minimal effort
  • Built directly around the WInSAT API
  • Options to save scores as text or an image
  • Imgur API for super simple and immediate upload for sharing
  • Automatic power adapter detection
  • Full DPI support
  • In-Depth assessment mode
  • Portability with easily managed settings
  • Self-monitoring for missing resources like fonts and patches
  • Option to reset Winsat with one click
  • Notification and downloader for when a new version is available
  • Ability to see the Windows 10 feature level
  • ‘Show Hardware’ instantly shows you which hardware was rated

download Xiret 2.1.0

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