download WinExt 14.0 Build 068

Author: TriSun Software
Date: 03/08/2021
Size: 2.38 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 7332 times

WinExt finds duplicate files based on many settings, including type, sizes, activity, and much more.

Duplicate file finders are indeed a dime a dozen. Some do nothing but find duplicates, and most drive cleaners include some duplicate finder. So, why, WinExt? It brings dozens of settings to narrow down your results, including resources, type, and size. Each of these settings has numerous additional settings.

You can save the results, move select files to the recycle bin, open, find, run, and much more.

The pro edition adds smart selection, filters, custom modes, and more, starting at $19.99.

If you want to find duplicate files, you can use almost any application, but few have as many search settings as WinExt.

The only true limitations for the free version are: Fix only 9 issues per time, clean up 9 resources per time, manually check the unwanted duplicates, only shows the size of the top 3 Resources, only displays the specified file types, and cannot filter by names/paths, among a couple of others. A full list of free and pro features is displayed on the author’s site

download WinExt 14.0 Build 068

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