download WildGem 1.50

Author: Daniel White
Date: 09/30/2021
Size: 1.37 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 11|10|8|7
Downloads: 2862 times

WildGem is a fast and efficient portable single-file app for finding and replacing text.

WildGem’s powerful syntax combines most of the flexibility of Regex but with the simplicity of the typical find/replace feature found in your text editor or word processor. It is featured from a dual-pane interface that makes operations as simple as possible. It updates or highlights matches as you type in real-time. There is a unique color-coded syntax that allows you to quickly find/replace text without worrying about escaping special symbols.

If you’re moderately competent with basic or extended expressions but rarely use Regex, WildGem will allow you to quickly create more powerful expressions with its intuitive interface. Individual WildGem symbols can replace the equivalent of up to 22 Regex symbols. On the other hand, if you’re proficient with Regex, you may still appreciate the simpler syntax, color-coding, lightning speed, large input/output areas, real-time updating as you type, and the feature which converts your expression into the equivalent Regex syntax.

WildGem will be a solid addition for anyone who needs to work with text documents requiring word replacement regularly.

download WildGem 1.50

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