download WebChangeMonitor 64 Bit 20.04

Author: Martin Halle
Date: 04/11/2020 07:39 AM
Size: 6.03 MB
License: Open Source
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 553 times

WebChangeMonitor is an Open Source app that allows you to monitor multiple webpages tracking changes based on webpage content.

WebChangeMonitor permits you to monitor several protocols, including HTTP and HTTPS. It also lets you view and record any webpage content differences. It is essentially a hybrid RSS reader with some options not offered by strictly a reader like displaying the GUID for the webpage, for instance.

Set up for WebChangeMonitor is simple; add your target page information; if there is an issue, the app will let you know immediately. The UI is equally simple with a minimalistic display, but it does include several configuration settings to fine-tune the output to your needs like check intervals, comparison of web content against saved data on your machine, and more.

WebChangeMonitor 64 Bit 20.04 download

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