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Author: Carifred
Date: 06/30/2020 04:45 PM
Size: 695 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 7626 times

WAU Manager (Windows Automatic Updates Manager) is a free portablereplacement for the default Windows Updating interface.

WAU Manager is fully-featured providing you with full control over Windows Updates. This control includes when and how they are installed. It also has full uninstall and maintenance support for Windows updates.

WAU Manager will permit you to update manually with just one-click via a dedicated desktop shortcut, you can also update automatically with the desired frequency. Once a day, once a month or once a year, or whatever you decide. WAU Manager allows you to choose whether the available updates are automatically downloaded and installed or not.

All the update choices are available through the WAU Manager Dashboard dialog box. WAU Manager does not use the built-in WAU schedule, it includes its own schedule that is configured to work whether WAU is enabled or not.

The author recommends disabling Windows Updates completely for WAU Manager to work efficiently and doing so is conveniently permitted directly through the WAU Manager Dashboard module.

Besides the Dashboard module, WAU Manager has four more modules:

  • The Install updates module, which searches for available updates, and installs the desired ones. You can also hide updates from this module. Hidden updates are not displayed as available for install.
  • The Uninstall Updates module, which lets you uninstall or hide updates that were previously installed.
  • The Unhide Updates module, which lets you view hidden updates and unhide the desired ones.
  • The View update history module, which displays the Windows Update history and lets you perform maintenance actions related to Windows Update.

WAU Manager

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