download WatchMe 2.5.3

Author: Flamebrain Technologies
Date: 03/04/2020 05:17 PM
Size: 335 KB
License: Freemium
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 10173 times

WatchMe is a feature-rich timer program that can be used to track time for a number of different tasks or events together or independently of one another.

You can create any number of timers, give each one a name and record additional notes and information about what you are timing – WatchMe is a great solution for those who need to track their time for hourly billing, timesheets and more.

WatchMe features:

  • Timers to track elapsed time (like a stopwatch) and countdowns (3…2…1…blastoff!)
  • Create as many timers and countdowns as you need. Have lots of things to track? Group your timers and countdowns into multiple tabs.
  • Ability to manage multiple timers at once
  • Group timers into multiple tabs for easier management
  • Give each timer a unique name
  • Display time in a number of formats including fractions of an hour, hours/minutes/seconds, minutes, $/hour and more
  • Store notes and comments on each timer
  • Quickly copy and paste time into other time tracking programs and billing programs
  • Easily adjust the time displayed on timer (in case you forgot to start it)
  • View total time for a grouping of timers
  • View total time accumulated across all of your timers
  • “Focus Light” that, when set to your working patterns, will help keep you focused while you work
  • Timer alerts that can notify you after a set period of time has elapsed
  • Flag your timers with different colors to help organize your tasks
  • Export timers and tabs to XML or CSV
  • Copy multiple timers to the clipboard in a variety of formats for pasting into invoices, emails, time sheets, work logs, etc.
  • API that allows integration with other applications
  • No install program – just copy the executable and run
  • And much more…

    Upgrade to Pro version available with donation



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