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Author: WACUP Community
Date: 05/21/2020 07:43 AM
Size: 8.85 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7|Vista|XP
Downloads: 4378 times

WACUP (WinAmp Community Update Project) is a freeware app that aims to keep Winamp alive by improving the app by fixing bugs and adding new features.

If you already have Winamp installed, you might wonder if you can install WACUP over your Winamp or a clean install. The installation allows for two options; a new installation, including overwriting your current Winamp or a portable installation for a standalone install. You can also similarly install the app as you would with Winamp by choosing a Full or Lite install. Finally, you can choose from one of four skins to get started with that you should find familiar.

Once started, WACUP works exactly like Winamp, so there isn’t much else to mention here. But, a lot is going on under the hood, including:

  • Crash and security fixes
  • New skins and cPro support
  • Speed tweaks to improve startup and closing
  • More command-line options
  • Improved plug-in management
  • More media formats supported
  • More features based on requests, and more to come

    WACUP (WinAmp Community Update Project) is a brilliant idea. It’s always amazing to see a community of users do what two large companies couldn’t.

    At the time of this review, a beta and preview are available, and both are very stable, so we’re offering the preview. Until a final release is available, we recommend you install WACUP as a standalone app.



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