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Author: tinyMediaManager
Date: 02/26/2021
Size: 64.9 MB
License: Freemium
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 33498 times

tinyMediaManager is a portable freeware media management tool for maintaining your movies in organized collections, finding TV shows and episodes in subdirectories and setting artwork for movie sets, and much more.

You can retrieve and use artwork from and trailers from and for your collection or Scrape metadata from,, and There is also an option to pull technical metadata right from the movies in your collection, along with the ability to quickly detect season/episode details for TV shows, as well as powerful searching, sorting, and filtering.

tinyMediaManager will also allow you to further personalize your collection by renaming both movies and their respective folders, making the organization quick and easy.

tinyMediaManager Features:

Edit metadata
Write Kodi (formerly XBMC) and MediaPortal compatible NFOs
Get media information (through mediainfo)
Powerful file structure import
Arrange movies into moviesets
Set artwork for moviesets
Automatically assign movies to moviesets

You can download and evaluate tinyMediaManager for free – with some limitations:

  • The compiled/packaged version of tinyMediaManager has a limitation concerning the number of loaded objects/API calls of the scraper (currently 50 movies, 10 TV series, and about 50 API calls) – unlockable with a license
  • A license of tinyMediaManager can be purchased for $11.78 (tax included) and will be valid for one year (because the maintenance will continue and new feature will be added constantly)

download tinyMediaManager 4.1.1

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