download TCP Handshake Connection Tester

Author: Steve Chaison Software
Date: 03/10/2021
Size: 974 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10
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TCP Handshake Connection Tester is a portable network utility that checks for standard TCP 3-way handshake completion between a local interface IP address and a target host.

TCP Handshake Connection Tester is also capable of checking the selected network interface for any IP packet errors.

To start using TCP Handshake Connection Tester, you will first need to return a list of IP-enabled network interfaces with unicast addresses on your computer. This is achieved by clicking the icon in the top left corner. This action retrieves a new, updated list of available network interfaces and is displayed under Available local network interfaces; this listing is sortable (ascending and descending).

Before initiating a TCP handshake connection test on a target host, you need to select the network interface with the list’s unicast IP address. When you select an entry, the interface’s speed, or link speed, will be shown just above the list. If you identify the target by an IP address, TCPConTest will accept IPv4 or IPv6 formatted addresses.

Once you’ve selected a connected network interface and IP address, provided a target host and target TCP port number, click the ‘Start’ button. This will begin the test for the completion of the TCP 3-way handshake sequence. If the test is valid with the parameters you’ve provided, a status message will flash that is it working. Times for completion will vary. When complete, TCP Handshake Connection Tester will display the test results – pass or fail.

TCP Handshake Connection Tester will be a useful asset to any network admin needing to perform TCP connection tests. It is straightforward but will require networking experience to utilize this utility as intended.

download TCP Handshake Connection Tester

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