download TabMerger for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Author: lbragile
Date: 02/09/2021
Size: Size Varies
License: Open Source
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 37 times

TabMerger for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge allows you to merge your tabs into a single, manageable location.

Designed to help you increase your productivity and save memory usage. If you have ever had many tabs open, you know the frustration of locating a specific tab containing what you need at that moment. TabMerger will assist in taming that clutter. Via a single click, all your tabs will be in a centralized location that allows you to re-arrange them into groups, delete unneeded tabs, customize group colors, and more.

All tabs merged with TabMerger are internally stored to be still available even when you close the browser window. TabMerger incorporates analytics to keep you well-informed regarding your tabs’ state, giving you the proper insight to manage them adequately.

TabMerger also significantly reduces memory usage; for instance, on average, a single chrome tab uses approximately 25MB-100MB of RAM. This can add up quickly with multiple open tabs resulting in a potentially slower machine. What TabMerger does is provides you with a list of tabs that can be re-opened easily when needed.

download TabMerger for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

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