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Author: StrokesPlus
Date: 01/29/2021
Size: 13.6 MB
License: Open Source
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 77511 times

StrokesPlus is a mouse gesture recognition utility for Windows, which allows you to create powerful mouse gestures intended to save you time.

With rocker support, modifiers, and the robust Lua engine built right in, and there’s virtually no limit to what you can automate.

Traditionally, you begin a mouse gesture by holding down the right mouse button and drawing something, like the letter R, for example, then release the right mouse button. This action triggers the application to process your drawing and perform the specified action. The most common actions are maximizing/minimizing windows, navigating back/forward, or automated logging into a certain website. However, StrokesPlus takes it to the next level, giving you ultimate control over exactly what happens when your action executes.

download StrokesPlus

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