download StrelyCleaner 1.3.4

Author: S4Lsalsoft
Date: 06/25/2020 09:06 AM
Size: 923 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 1983 times

StrelyCleaner was designed to eliminate USB virus shortcuts but has grown into a memory booster, drive cleaner, and system tweaker.

StrelyCleaner might suffer from not only an odd name but an unusual interface and even some confusion as to what the end goal is. He lists the app as a cleaner, booster, and anti-shortcut app while misspelling two of those three. That said, he’s known for DLL Injector Hacker, so we’re giving him a shout out here.

The primary tabs to the left start out with the Antivirus Center where you can scan, or disinfect your PC or USB. We don’t know what the main scanning engine is here.

The Booster section has a process monitor to see what is using up memory. The Booster button here appears to free up RAM.

Then we have the Cleaner tab, which can optimize start*, deactivate Aero Snap and Windows animations, Accelerate Windows Spy*, clean trash files, and more.

We hope to see some more effort put onto StrelyCleaner, but there are indeed some unique and handy tweaks included. A lack of a backup would also be a good idea here because, again, we don’t know if we need a System Restore Point, or a registry backup, or both. Still, the app is portable, so there’s no harm if you want just to take a look.

StrelyCleaner is often flagged (false positive) as malware by Windows Defender and other antivirus apps.


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