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Author: WinTools
Date: 06/24/2020 04:22 PM
Size: 386 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7|Vista|XP
Downloads: 3356 times

Start Everywhere is a free portable app that gives you access to several efficient solutions for launching installed apps, accessing documents, power management, and more.

Start Everywhere is a Start Menu app offering several unique solutions to enable you to launch installed applications and quickly access your important documents. The appearance, operation, and management of Start Everywhere can be flexibly customized. You can place long lists in alphabetic order, and also enables you to sort them by date for ease of access. Also, the menu system of Start Everywhere can be displayed anywhere on the screen, even in a multi-monitor environment. In addition to the conventional, click-based access, the menu system can also be accessed with active corners and hotkeys. Additionally, the display, color, and size of menu items can be set flexibly.

Start Everywhere also allows your operating system to use its Start Menu and other Start Menus at the same time. The number of menu items and their starting folder can be set along with the ability to access frequently used Start items from the Most Used menu.


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