download SSuite Writer’s D’Lite

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Author: SSuite Office Software
Size: 6.85 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
Downloads: 9747 times

SSuite Writer’s D’Lite is a true writer’s tool without any distractions; it has all the essential functions and text formatting needed to get you busy.

Get writing from the first moment you start the application. It has all the important functions and text formatting needed to get you busy.

It also has custom page settings for easier viewing of your document. Keep the cursor at eye level for best focus and writing. Conforms to a full page size for best viewing of the script.

Full statistics are visible on the status bar, keeping you abreast of your text document as you type. There is also no Java or .Net required to run this application, keeping it tiny and portable and very useful. It has all the necessary editing short-cut keys for power users.

SSuite Writer’s D’Lite Features:

Document history.
Continuous pages.
Show/Hide Toolbar.
Show/Hide Scrollbar.
Export to pdf document format.
Custom editor page background color.
One click open last active document button.
View half or third page eye level – fixed text eye level, like a typewriter…

download SSuite Writer’s D’Lite

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