download SSD Fresh 2020.10.1

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Author: Abelssoft
Date: 10/31/2020 06:31 AM
Size: 3.16 MB
License: Donationware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 4691 times

SSD Fresh increases the performance of your SSD by optimizing, analyzing, and disabling useless services, write accesses, and other Windows settings that are SSD specific. Video tutorial available.

The interface is colorful and easy to navigate, and your current SSD status is displayed as red, yellow, or green.

Most people can Optimize Automatically, but everyone should look at Optimize Manually first. Here you can enable or disable the optimizations you prefer. If you change your mind, or you’re not sure, you can click on Optimize Automatically. You might also consider the Live Analysis to see what processes are using the most drive activity in real-time.

We took the risk of installing the app on our daily-use computer because virtual machines often detect the SSD drives incorrectly. Free registration is required to use the app with your name and email. We’re not a fan of this concept; however, Abelssoft has a solid reputation.

SSD Fresh provides settings, explanations, and suggestions for:

  • Indexing
  • Drive optimization
  • Timestamp
  • Hibernate
  • Windows kernel swapping
  • Prefetch
  • Defragmentation of boot files
  • Windows event logging
  • 8.3 file name creation
  • Windows trim function
  • AHCI settingSSDFresh is donationware with a requested donation of $10. We think that’s a bargain for the peace of mind that your SSD is optimized correctly (ours wasn’t). Ablessoft also has some static ads for their other built-in applications, but we found them unobtrusive.

download SSD Fresh 2020.10.1

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