download SRWare Iron 87.0.4450.0

Author: SRWare
Date: 01/07/2021
Size: 70.7 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 108567 times

SRWare Iron is a web browser based on the free source code of Chromium and offers the same features as Chrome.

Its goal is to be a reliable alternative to Google’s browser minus the privacy and security concerns while maintaining fast site rendering, a sleek design, and innovative features.

SRWare Iron is easy-to-use, and one of the benefits of using this alternative to Google’s browser is that it does not send data home to Google and provides a way to disable functions like the URL-Tracker for instance. You can also create multiple user profiles via the built-in Synchronization feature allowing for distinct preferences for browsing.

download SRWare Iron 87.0.4450.0

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