download SPM – Monitoring (Simple Ping Monitor)

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Author: Dmitry Koziakov
Date: 03/07/2021
Size: 5.63 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7|Vista
Downloads: 5 times

SPM – Monitoring (Simple Ping Monitor) is a user-friendly comprehensive network monitoring center.

This tool is designed to monitor your office IT environment more efficiently by putting the required tools together in one place. It will notify you if some hosts are unavailable (or answer time is too long, its “CPU is overloaded,” “available RAM is Low,” “low logical disks free space,” “disks overloaded,” or ‘network adapters overloaded’). All of which are meant to keep you on top of all aspects of the network. It can also provide you with notifications by E-Mail, SMS, or Telegram Bot.

SPM – Monitoring (Simple Ping Monitor) will be a great asset to those in charge of monitoring the network in various locales and does so from a nicely designed interface that makes the entire effort a smooth process.

SPM – Monitoring (Simple Ping Monitor) Features:

  • Monitoring hosts CPU load, available RAM, Logical Disks free space and load, network adapters load
  • Windows EventLog events forwarding and host reboot notifications
  • Agents for Windows and Linux
  • Web Sites Monitoring (HTTP)
  • E-Mail Notifications support custom templates
  • SMS Notifications (worldwide)
  • Telegram Notifications (get notifications in your IT chat, logs, uptime stats) (support proxy)
  • Notifications support dependencies or chains of dependencies (For example, don`t need to send notifications for each VMs when its HyperV host is unavailable)
  • Aggregate ‘short time sent’ emails in one message
  • Logging
  • Reporting – Host statistics, uptime, average answer time. ICMP activity Chart
  • Tray notifications
  • Add IP ranges. Can add only available hosts.
  • Import hosts from Active Directory or CSV, export to CSV, export to Excel. Export Reports of ICMP statistics to CSV and Excel
  • Host grouping and tagging
  • Few Visual representations of Host objects
  • Drag n’ Drop hosts, rearrange, and group assigning capabilities
  • Real-time charts of Hosts ICMP Activity
  • Also, you can ask Telegram Bot for hosts status, some hosts, or all hosts in some group
  • You can run your Powershell/VBS scripts from Telegram Bot Chat by command
  • Show additional ICMP information
  • Customize ICMP timeout and check interval
  • Hide to the system tray
  • Start with Windows and start minimized, save the last state
  • Result output to HTML and XML for your external services like a webserver
  • Automatic check internet connection
  • White and Dark Color Themes
  • Full-Screen Monitoring mode
  • Integrated Selfhosted WEB API
  • Available Web Console ( application)

download SPM – Monitoring (Simple Ping Monitor)

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