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Author: Social Network Visualizer
Size: 16.6 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
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Social Network Visualizer (SocNetV) is a social network analysis and visualization application.

Social Network Visualizer can draw a social network (graph/digraph) or load an existing one (GraphML, UCINET, Pajek, etc), compute cohesion, centrality, community and structural equivalence metrics and apply various layout algorithms based on actor centrality or prestige scores (i.e. Eigenvector, Betweenness) or on dynamic models (i.e. spring-embedder)


  • Auto create known network data sets
  • Random network models (scale-free, Erdős–Rényi G(n,p) and G(n, M), Watts-Strogatz small worlds, ring lattice, d-regular, etc.)
  • Supports most social network formats (GraphML, Adjacency, Pajek, UCINET, lists, etc.)
  • Works with two-mode affiliation networks (in sociomatrix format)
  • Fast calculation of Centrality indices (Degree, Closeness, Betweenness, Graph, Information, Power) as well as Prestige (Proximity, Rank, etc.)
  • Radial network layouts according to centrality and prestige indices
  • PageRank Analysis
  • Leveled network layout according to prominence indices
  • Crawl websites to create networks
  • Triad and Clique Census
  • Structural equivalence methods: Hierarchical cluster analysis, Actor Similarity, Tie profile dissimilarities, Pearson coefficients
  • Exports in GraphML, Pajek, Adjacency
  • Online manual and technical documentation available
  • Reads and writes networks with multiple relations, enables you to edit links from different relations and perform analysis
  • Fast enough for large networks of >1000 actors and 10000 edges.
  • Low memory and CPU use
  • Graph and digraph mode

download Social Network Visualizer 2.5

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