download Social Fixer for Facebook (Firefox) 25.0.0

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Author: Social Fixer
Date: 06/30/2020 01:47 PM
Size: 190 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: 10|8|7
Downloads: 1275 times

Social Fixer for Facebook is a free Firefox add-on that permits Facebook customization via news feed filtering, hiding things you do not like or wish to see and more.

Social Fixer for Facebook will plug into your browser and improve the web site. Social Fixer for Facebook is filled with numerous features to make your Facebook experience better and potentially more secure. You can filter posts in the news feed by content, author, link, URL, and more. Social Fixer for Facebook also includes built-in Filter Subscriptions which will allow you to just pick a filter and use it. There are also pre-defined filters include hiding Sponsored Posts, Political posts, things your friends like, and much more.

You are in charge of which features you want to use:

  • Hide Sponsored Posts
  • Auto-switch to the Most Recent news feed
  • Hide Politics!
  • Filter your news feed by keyword, author, and more
  • Friend Manager notifies you when you’ve been unfriended and more
  • Tabbed news feed organizes posts by games, apps, author
  • Hide parts of the page you don’t want to see
  • Don’t show posts again once you’ve read them


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