download Snappy Driver Installer Origin

Author: Snappy Driver Installer Origin
Date: 10/04/2021
Size: 5.81 MB
License: Open Source
Requires: 11|10|8|7
Downloads: 65849 times

Snappy Driver Installer Origin is an Open Source fork of Snappy Driver Installer designed by a former contributing developer and build master who felt that project had gone astray.

Upon launch, you are given the option to download all driver packs or indexes only.

All drivers (Torrent download) can be a considerable download, most likely well over 10 GB, but it is handy for techs who want to keep every driver known to exist on their thumb drives. However, you can select all or none to narrow down what you want or download all your PC drivers.

Indexes only allow you to scan a computer and download what you need, like most driver updaters. It then notifies you if you are up to date and offers to update anything you need. Optionally you can select individual drivers or select all.

Expert mode is also available. In expert mode, you are shown “Found in driverpacks” and “Absent in driverpacks.” There are numerous options to break down newer, current, older, better matches, not installed, unknown and standard. You can also download the driver pack manually VIA torrent at the download links above.

Snappy Driver Installer Origin continues the Open Source legacy of one of the better driver updaters out there to keep it clean, free, and open source. Well done.

download Snappy Driver Installer Origin

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